Marketing function is all about market research and generating high quality leads & opportunities for the sales team. This typically involves appropriately segmenting the market, targeting the right potential customers and positioning the company offerings towards the selected market. These activities can be driven against new leads/targets to identify new potential customers and also towards existing customers to increase the share of their wallet.

SimpleCRM helps in achieving these objectives in various ways:

1. Automate collection of leads from all sources

In addition to direct manual entry of leads, SimpleCRM can automate the lead data capture through company websites and landing pages of social media platforms like Google Ad Words Campaigns, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Information entered by potential customers on such sites automatically creates lead into the system without manual intervention. SimpleCRM can also automate bulk upload of 3rd party marketing databases through excel import mechanism. Through telephony integration, incoming enquiry calls can also result in automatic lead capture. Incoming emails to a designated mailbox can also be set to create leads into the system.

2. Consolidate all marketing data into a single repository

SimpleCRM enables marketing team to consolidate all their targets, leads, contacts, market research articles, marketing collateral and other market & customer data into a single system. Leveraging the reports & dashboards functionality within SimpleCRM, the marketing team can then analyze and segment the data into different groups to be targeted later. SimpleCRM provides ability to target the desired market segment with email, newsletter, sms and other types of campaigns with specific collateral stored in the CRM system.

3. Optimizing marketing spend

By analyzing reports available within SimpleCRM, the marketing manager can analyze the business won from various lead sources over a period of time. For example, the report may indicate that most of the leads generated/won are from Google Adwords campaign as compared to those generated through newspaper ads, thereby indicating to reduce marketing spend on newspaper ads in favor of social media marketing campaigns. Such actionable business insights help the marketing team to generate more high quality leads with the existing marketing budget.

Managing Marketing Automation with SimpleCRM

Marketing automation allows companies to streamline, automate and measure marketing tasks and workflows, so that they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster, generate high quality leads & opportunities for the sales team. This Presentation talk about how you can generate more leads from SimpleCRM.

In the presentation below, learn how SimpleCRM can help to –

  1. Leads Generation, Email & Non Email Campaigns, Email Templates, Targets Segmentation, Marketing Analytics
  2. Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Web to Lead Forms, Client Notifications, Periodic Newsletters