Why Use SimpleCRM for Managing Sales?

CRM is a valuable application that can simplify your sales operations and improve efficiency. Using a good CRM tool you can close more deals, increase sales, and improve forecast accuracy. There are many studies from Gartner and Forbes that state that if used correctly, a CRM can improve sales productivity by 30% and sales forecast accuracy by 40% for most businesses that were previously using excel sheets & emails for managing sales activities. SimpleCRM simply manages most of your critical customer information so that you can look at it all in one place. With SimpleCRM you can view contact information, follow up via email or social media, manage tasks and track sales performance among other benefits. To maximize your CRM benefits, it is recommended to pair it with your accounting software. In addition to all the customer information readily available through CRM, you can also gain insight into past trends, create invoices, track expenses and route purchase orders leveraging Accounting-CRM relationship.

SimpleCRM can boost your sales in the following ways:

1. Enhance sales team productivity

The ability to quickly access accurate information on leads & opportunities is essential for sales team productivity. SimpleCRM can streamline your process by automating lead management, account management, follow-ups, quotes, pricing, order processing, and other sales tasks. Adopting SimpleCRM will give your sales team a competitive advantage by reducing your costs, increasing sales revenue and increasing market share.

2. Build stronger customer relationships

Since SimpleCRM will increase the productivity of your sales team, the sales team will be able to spend more time with customers. More time with customers ultimately results in an increase in the number and quality of customer interactions, deals closed and generating a larger, stronger customer base.

3. Getting better organized

SimpleCRM helps sales team prioritize and automate their follow-up calls, meetings, emails, tasks, to-do reminders and other sales activities. The fast search capabilities of SimpleCRM allows the sales team to quickly locate and priority leads & opportunities based on search criteria. Being more organized means the sales team team is no longer wasting time on a disorganized search through leads & opportunities that are at different stages in the sales cycle.

4. Complete 360 degree view of your customers

Working in sales means working with several customers and potential leads every day. With so many contacts, it is important to have all the necessary information at your fingertips as you communicate with them. SimpleCRM provides a complete picture of all of your current and potential clients. In SimpleCRM your sales team can build a profile for each current and potential client which can be added to in order to provide a more robust picture of each individual. Capturing more details allow your sales team to better formulate a sales pitch which successfully outlines how a product/service can meet the client’s needs. Instead of having silos of client information, your sales team will have one complete picture, therefore allowing your team members to easily create stronger customer relationships.

5. Improved sales reporting

It is of the utmost importance that sales is up to date in order to develop accurate forecasts which help provide a good view of the market conditions and predict sales. SimpleCRM’s reporting module not only has 50+ out of the box commonly required reports, but you can also build ad-hoc reports ads needed. SimpleCRM enables management to have real-time, accurate reports at fingertips that greatly enhances the forecasting and sales decision making ability.

Managing Lead to Cash Process with SimpleCRM

CRM system simplifies your sales operations & improves efficiency. Using a good CRM tool you can close more deals, increase sales & improve forecast accuracy. This Presentation talks about how you can effectively manage and automate end to end sales (Lead to quote) through SimpleCRM.

In the presentation below, learn how SimpleCRM can help to -

  1. Manage Leads, Opportunities, Contacts, Accounts, Quotes and Orders
  2. Configure Reminders, Quote Approval, Lead Assignments, Tasks Reviews, Client Notifications etc.