The ultimate goal of customer service and support is to quickly and effectively help customers and retain their business. A comprehensive CRM software doesn’t just help in optimizing sales and marketing functions, but it also helps you boost customer service operations.

SimpleCRM helps you nurture important customer relationships in a number of different ways:

1. Provide strong SLA based support for customer complaints

Even the best product or service runs into occasional problems, leading to customer complaints. How you respond to such customer problems determines how long that customer stays with you. With its easy to use Case Management system, SimpleCRM helps in capturing customer complaints received through calls, emails, website, customer self-service portals, etc. and helps in cataloging them under appropriate category. SimpleCRM also facilitates defining case/issue escalation rules which ensure timely, Service Level Agreement (SLA) based response.

2. Consolidated knowledge-base

By diligently tracking and cataloging customer complaints through CRM over a period of time, a lot of data accumulates within the system. SimpleCRM allows leveraging of that data to deliver business intelligence via stored articles, reports and dashboards pertaining to most common issues and their resolution, average time to respond by Customer Service Representatives (CSRs), Customer feedback, etc. This information can be used to refine product or service, improve the efficiency of CSRs and improve overall customer satisfaction levels.

3. Capture customer insights

As in most situations, the 80-20 rule applies in many business scenarios, for example:
A) 20% of the customers often account for 80% of the sales
B) 20% of the customers often report 80% of the complaints

An interesting aspect is that the 20% customers from A and B are often not the same! SimpleCRM can help you segregate your customer base into those generating
a) more revenue, less complaints
b) more revenue, more complaints
c) less revenue, less complaints and
d) less revenue, more complaints.

This information helps you prioritize your customers and provide the highest levels of service where it matters most.

Managing Multi Channel Support through SimpleCRM

Acquiring new customers is important but in order to grow Revenues Company should be able to retain its customers after acquiring them. This presentation talks about how SimpleCRM promptly captures customer issues and enquiries and helps you to automate customer service operations.

In the presentation below, learn how SimpleCRM can help to –

  1. Case Creation, Documents, Bug Tracking, Knowledge Base and Customer Survey
  2. Case Automation, Self Service Portal, Alerts & Notifications, Case Assignment and Tasks Review