Shriram Image
How Shriram Transport Finance Corporation uses SimpleCRM
  • Track customers, loans and repayment history very effectively and on real time basis.
  • Define and execute up-sell logic that assists call-center teams to convert support calls into potential sales calls.
  • Monitor sales force / branches against the assigned tasks in the CRM interface and review the performance of the teams in a much better quantitative environment.
  • Access online knowledge bank on products / services / offers that CSRs can refer while interacting with customers or prospects and thus make the interaction more productive and precise.
  • Use QRC metrics to classify and address customer issues swiftly.

"SimpleCRM is helping us service our customers with greater efficiency and win additional business!"

Ritesh Singla
Head - Cross Sell

Askme Image
How askme.com / Getit Infomedia uses SimpleCRM
  • Track the entire Order Fulfillment process.
  • Manage end-to-end Sales Process from Leads to Contracts.
  • Allow scheduling of customer meetings with the local sales person based on PIN code.
  • Enable real-time collections from vendor by integrating with cash systems.
  • Automate customer signing process with MAC verification and integrated Mobile Sales App etc.

"With 3500+ users on the system, SimpleCRM is a scalable enterprise solution that is helping us achieve more. Highly Recommended!"

Payal Ohri
CRM Head

Utsav image
How Utsav Fashion Uses SimpleCRM
  • Tracking customer interactions related to customer orders, shipments, products and payment related details in SimpleCRM.
  • Enabling agents with readily accessible customer information through SimpleCRM - Ecommerce website integration.
  • Improved productivity with predefined workflows and ability to assign tasks to the skilled resources using configurable rules in real time.
  • Leverage underlying SugarCRM open source platform, SimpleCRM enables tight integration with E-commerce Portal, Call Centre (CTI), ERP & other systems to provide a quick 3600 snapshot of customers.

"SimpleCRM has helped us significantly improved the productivity of our 100+ agents and we expect to scale up further!"

Naval Kala
Support Head