Vertical Solutions

Call-Centre CRM

  • Define up-sell & cross-sell business logic
  • Execute Email & SMS campaigns to drive leadsgeneration
  • Integration with 3rd party systems
  • Maintaining transactional business data &Analytics
  • Call-Centre integration to enable 360° view pop-up of caller
  • Track customer Queries, Requests and Complaints (QRCs)

Insurance CRM

  • Enable Bancassurance Agents & Life Advisors to capture leads, opportunities & other sales related tasks
  • Allow various combinations of access control to regular access to data as per reporting hierarchy of the Bancassurance & Non- Bancassurance Channels
  • Integration with other systems for Quote & proposal generation
  • Ability to run Competition Related Email / SMS Campaigns to Bancassurance Agents or Non Bancassurance Advisors
  • Social media campaigns to capture lead in SimpleCRM
  • Full-fledged, multi-channel ticket management system with escalation and SLA assurance rules

Education CRM

  • Track online enquiries, site-visits and follow-ups
  • Email & SMS campaigns to drive lead generation
  • Manage & Track enquiry-to-applicant-to-admission process
  • Call-Centre integration to enable 360° view pop-up of caller
  • Events triggered Email & SMS alerts to applicants/students
  • Integration with JustDial to capture leads into CRM

Dealers & Distributors CRM

  • Track leads, opportunities and follow-ups
  • Products List & Pricing Management
  • Quotes generation & Discount approval mechanism
  • Contacts & Account Management
  • Mobile access to CRM for on-field sales team
  • Email & SMS campaigns to drive lead generation

Telecom CRM

  • Track leads, leads assignment, leads scoring and leads ageing
  • SLA and escalations on leads follow-up
  • Partner portal, for partners to create and accept leads and schedule appointments with ability to create cases
  • Email & SMS campaigns to drive lead generation
  • Integration with Telecom backend systems – Order tracking, Provisioning, Billing and other external systems.
  • Ability to track orders, add / remove telecom specific additions and riders.

Real Estate CRM

  • Maintain & Track flats, plots, units inventory
  • Define & Execute customized, project-specific pricing policies
  • Enable customers & partners to book, pay, raise issues
  • Track leads, site-visits, lead-to-customer conversions
  • Define & Track project And payment milestones
  • Generate Demand Notes and Other registration documents